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Upwing Subsurface Compressor System™ (SCS)

When you introduce Permanent Magnet (PM) Motors and Magnetic Fields into downhole rotating devices, LESS is MORE.

Artificial Lift for Natural Gas

Highly reliable and robust downhole compressor system

The Upwing Subsurface Compressor System™ (SCS) 425 uses proprietary technologies that have been proven by Upwing’s parent company, Calnetix Technologies, in a wide range of applications across the globe. State-of-the-art magnetic systems provide exceptional reliability and performance in even the harshest downhole environments.

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The Upwing Subsurface Compressor System (SCS) is a high-speed downhole compressor system driven by a magnetically levitated permanent magnet (PM) motor that increases gas production and recoverable reserves by enabling greater drawdown close to the well perforations.

High Speed, Hermetically Sealed

The Permanent Magnet (PM) Motor's rugged, compact design delivers higher energy density and lower heat dissipation – to provide much greater efficiency than standard electric motors. The entire SCS motor is hermetically sealed to isolate electrical components from hostile downhole fluids.

No Mechanical Shaft

The Magnetic Coupling transmits torque from the motor to the compressor – without a mechanical shaft, which eliminates the need for the rotary seal, pressure-compensating chambers and dielectric oil.

Extensive Operational Life, Zero Friction, No Lubrication Needed

The Active Magnetic Bearing provides support to the thrust loads in the compressor. With no physical contact, and no lubrication needed – the bearing delivers extensive operational life with zero friction.

Support for Rotating Components, No Physical Contact, Smart Damping

The Passive Magnetic Bearings provide radial support for the high-speed, rotating components. Again, there's no physical contact and no lubrication needed. Smart damping improves system stability throughout the operating range.

Decreases Pressure at Intake, Increases Pressure at Discharge, Improves Gas Production

The Hybrid Multiphase Compressor decreases downhole flowing pressure dynamically at the compressor intake – while boosting pressure and temperature at the discharge to carry liquids uphole – which significantly increases gas velocity and production. The compressor's robust design is ideally suited for the highly corrosive and erosive conditions of multiphase gas streams that are common in unconventional wells.

The downhole components of the SCS 425 are supported by a top side sensorless, wide frequency variable speed drive (VSD), a magnetic bearing controller (MBC) and an autonomous, intelligent control system.

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Before SCS 425 After SCS 425

Before SCS 425

  • Liquid loading in the wellbore
  • Steep declines in gas production
  • Low gas velocity with heavy liquid accumulation

Limited return on investment (ROI) and recoverable resources

After SCS 425

  • Lower downhole pressure increases gas production and velocity
  • Increased velocity enables liquid sweeping
  • Lower back pressure enables more gas flow from the reservoir

Increased cash flow, higher net present value, and greater profitability

Artificial Lift for Oil

Reliable, retrievable power for downhole pumps

Upwing Energy is disrupting conventional Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) design — using proven magnetic technologies — to create the Upwing Magnetic Drive System™ (MDS).

  • Electrical

    Isolated Electrical Components

    Electrical components are hermetically isolated away from harsh production fluids–eliminating the number one cause of failures in traditional ESPs.

  • String

    Deployed on Retrievable String

    Mechanical components from a traditional ESP are located on a retrievable string inside the production tubing.

  • Magnetic

    Magnetic Drive and Levitation

    MDS magnetically transmits torque and radial centralizing force across a gap between the permanent completion and the motor rotor with no need for mechanical or electrical connections.

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