Magnetic Coupling

Large Gap, High Torque Magnetic Coupling Module

In order to isolate the motor and other electrical components from the downhole environment, Upwing utilizes a magnetic coupling to transfer torque from the electric machine to the hydraulic section. 

The patent-pending magnetic coupling can operate with large clearances and transmit high torque from very low speeds for pumps (1,000 rpm) to very high speeds for compressors (over 50,000 rpm).


Enables Protector-less Configuration

Upwing’s radial gap type coupling includes an inner rotor that is connected to a thrust module shaft with a surrounding sleeve to protect the magnets that generate a magnetic field. This inner rotor is designed to be exposed to the downhole fluids, offering a fully sealed assembly capable of operating in the high pressure, high temperature well bore environment for the life of the device. The outer rotor of the magnetic coupling is sealed with the PM motor in a hermetically sealed section that is maintained at a low pressure gas environment, since it generates higher windage losses due to its larger diameter. This configuration allows for minimal fluid friction losses and does not require any special cooling. An isolation sealing can between the inner rotor and the outer rotor allows for magnetic field linkage between the two rotors for torque transmittal from outer to inner rotors without any slippage. The Upwing magnetic coupling allows for any downhole rotating system to operate without the need for complex sealing (i.e. protector-less).


Increases Operating Life

Upwing is able to offer the most advanced drive system in the industry due to its unique and proven knowhow in the use of magnet devices in the downhole environment. The Upwing magnetic coupling allows for the motor system to be fully isolated from the downhole environment, providing the motor operating life typically only seen in surface applications (or not seen in well applications before). The ability to configure the Upwing coupling with the clearances and the torque capability necessary within the constraints of the wellbore and deliver the operating life desired by well operators is a step change in the industry.


MC image

Exterior view of the magnetic coupling of the Upwing Subsurface Compressor System.™