What We're About

Upwing Energy is Bringing
Artificial Lift to New Heights™

We provide the most reliable, available and retrievable artificial lift technology that increases the production and recovery of hydrocarbons from conventional and unconventional wells.

Our vision is to enable artificial lift tools to live as long as the wells they serve using our proprietary magnetic technologies and expertise. Our mission is to increase our customers’ rate of return on hydrocarbon production assets by increasing their production and recovery rates through our disruptive artificial lift technology for onshore and offshore, conventional and unconventional wells. Our values are accountability, innovation, integrity and safety & quality.


Wise Beyond Our Years

Upwing Energy is an innovative offshoot of Calnetix Technologies, formed to focus on the production of hydrocarbons. Calnetix is a recognized industry leader in high-speed systems, supplying high-speed permanent magnet motors and generators, magnetic bearings and variable speed drives (VSDs) over the past two decades to a wide variety of industries throughout the world. The company’s product portfolio includes electric drive systems for offshore and subsea oil and gas applications.

Our Facility

Upwing Energy’s headquarters, engineering and manufacturing facility is co-located with affiliate company Calnetix Technologies on a seven-acre campus in Cerritos, California.

Upwing Energy has a state-of-the-art test facility for its Subsurface Compressor System™ (SCS) for the artificial lift of natural gas. Test cells are used to verify and validate the unique operating conditions of SCS. Upwing engineers use bench testing and containment rigs to validate each module independently, measure system performance and functionally test full assemblies. This functional testing allows for the creation of a unique performance map that can be used for diagnostic and prognostic health monitoring, once the unit is installed in a client’s well. Upwing’s facility also has a flow loop to simulate downhole conditions with flow rates up to 1 million SCFD and the ability to boost rates further on demand.


Our Intellectual Property

Upwing Energy has been granted core technology patents by affiliate company Calnetix Technologies for exclusive use in the downhole rotating space. These core technologies include permanent magnet (PM) machines, magnetic bearings, variable speed drives (VSD) and system level controls. Other intellectual property provided by Calnetix includes proprietary PM design tools and manufacturing processes. In addition, Upwing has filed its own system level and application related patents for downhole rotating devices, including for its Subsurface Compressor Systems (SCS) and Magnetic Drive Systems (MDS). The company has 47 U.S. filings and 28 foreign filings to date.


Our Health and Safety

Upwing Energy is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of all employees and visitors in our facility. Upwing has a standing safety committee to address safety concerns and maintain OSHA compliance on our campus. All Upwing employees receive extensive training on emergency evacuation procedures, safety precautions, identified hazards and necessary personal protective equipment instructions. All visitors are informed of the necessary safety protocols and procedures during their visit.

Upwing is supporting the global efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19. The health and safety of Upwing’s employees, their dependents and visitors to our facility are a top priority, and we are working hard to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infections. We have taken various internal preventive and protective measures in accordance with the protocols issued by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. These measures include limiting visitors to our facility, enabling employees to work from home when possible, requiring the use of face coverings for essential workers on site, suspending non-critical business travel and events and promoting social distancing and good personal hygiene practices. 

In the interest of protecting the health, safety and well-being of our employees and visitors to our facility, Upwing is requiring the following actions for all visitors to help reduce the spread of COVID-19:

  • All visits to the Upwing facility are by appointment only
  • Visitors must complete a pre-screening questionnaire prior to coming on site
  • Visitors must wear a cloth face covering while at the Upwing facility
  • Visitors must follow Upwing's social distancing protocols

Upwing Energy is continuously monitoring the evolving situation related to COVID-19 via a specially designated task force and is strictly following the guidelines issued by LA County health authorities and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Employees with masks during COVID-19

Our Carbon Neutrality

Upwing Energy is committed to supporting the oil and gas industry on its carbon emission reduction goals. We aim to transition our subsurface artificial lift business to become completely carbon neutral.  In the process, our subsurface compressor systems will provide meaningful emission reductions to give upstream oil and gas companies the upper hand in their clean energy journey.

To learn more about our carbon neutral certification and commitment, please review the documents below:

Carbon Neutral Logo