Upwing Energy Wins OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award for its Subsurface Compressor System

CERRITOS, Calif. – May 4, 2020 – Upwing Energy, an artificial lift technology company, will be recognized for winning the Spotlight on New Technology® Award for its Subsurface Compressor System™ (SCS) at the 2021 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), due to the cancellation of the event this year. In being selected for the 2020 award, the SCS was distinguished as a new, innovative and proven technology with significant impact beyond existing technologies and broad interest by the oil and gas industry.

Upwing’s SCS is the only downhole turbomachinery that can maximize gas and condensate production, recoverable reserves, gas-in-place recovery efficiency and liquid unloading at the same time. All of these benefits can be realized in any type of formation and wellbore geometry in both the onshore and offshore environments.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Offshore Technology Conference for our Subsurface Compressor System,” said Herman Artinian, President and CEO of Upwing Energy. “Existing gas assets are maturing at a rapid pace, and Upwing’s SCS will play an important role in both the technical and commercial success of the artificial lift of those assets. We greatly appreciate the support received from the industry thus far in trialing and commercializing this innovative and enabling technology that they have been interested in for some time.”

The SCS increases gas production and recoverable reserves by decreasing bottom hole flowing pressure and causing higher reservoir drawdown. It also carries liquids to the surface by creating higher gas velocities throughout the vertical and horizontal wellbores and prevents vapor condensation by increasing the temperature of the gas when exiting the compressor.

The subsurface compressor consists of two main components - a high-speed hermetically sealed permanent magnet motor with magnetic bearings and a hybrid wet gas compressor. These two components are coupled by a magnetic coupling that conveys torque from the hermetically sealed motor to the compressor with no mechanical shaft or seals, so there is no need for a motor protector to isolate the motor from downhole fluids. The SCS’s “protector-less” architecture provides an extremely reliable rotating solution for lower total cost of ownership and can also be applied to oil recovery. The topside variable frequency drive controls the motor at high speeds without any speed sensors. The SCS significantly reduces intervention costs when compared to alternatives for enhancing gas production.

OTC recognizes innovative technologies each year with the Spotlight on New Technology award. This award program is exclusively for OTC exhibitors and showcases the latest and most advanced technologies in the oil and gas industry that significantly impact offshore exploration and production.

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