Upwing Energy Reports Successful Resilience and Reliability Testing of SCS and SCC in Louisiana Gas Well

CERRITOS, Calif. – December 19, 2023 – Upwing Energy, a gas tech innovator and service company, has successfully completed an extensive training initiative for its Subsurface Compressor System™ (SCS) and Surface Control Center (SCC), to evaluate the system response to the most challenging phases of operation: startup and shutdown.

The testing, which was conducted in a Louisiana gas well, subjected the SCS, the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) within the SCC and control algorithms to the mechanical, electrical and remote commissioning stressors that exist as part of the startup and shutdown process. The system successfully underwent 1,024 autonomous startup and shutdown cycles, validating the robustness and resilience of Upwing's technology under these conditions. 

The primary mechanical stressor the equipment undergoes in start and stop is the transition through rigid body modes. The iterative testing of over a thousand cycles verified the system's stability and ability to withstand intense and unpredictable operational conditions. 

The system similarly demonstrated reliability in the electrical components' performance through catch and spin - the most strenuous electrical challenge when cycling on and off. With the testing taking place as the well was flowing, Upwing was able to validate the reliability of these components under stress in a real operating environment. 

The testing also assessed Upwing's remote commissioning and monitoring abilities. Upwing was able to substantiate the efficacy of its remote commissioning process which, unlike traditional commissioning, occurs with no onsite personnel. The successful remote operation highlights the system's ability to function autonomously during critical phases and in challenging environments, notably reducing traditional safety risks for onsite personnel.

"Operating in an industry where harsh conditions are the norm and complex technologies bear a high burden to perform reliably at all times, testing is central to the way we work," said David Biddick, Director of Technical Field Operations. "We understand the revenue imperative our clients face when it comes to the tools they use for production. With that in mind, we expect our technology to be able to consistently endure more stress than we ever expect it to see in the field. The strong results of our most recent resilience tests are a testament to this high-quality standard." 

The consistent performance of the SCS and SCC systems through rigorous startup and shutdown cycle evaluations points to the robustness and endurance of the technology under real operating conditions. The insights acquired not only cement the efficacy of Upwing's existing technologies, but pave the way for further advancements in operational autonomy.