Upwing Energy Awarded 22 New Patents for Downhole Innovations Enabling Greater Natural Gas Recoverability

CERRITOS, Calif. – October 3, 2023 – Upwing Energy, a gas tech innovator and service company for responsibly sourced natural gas, today announced the issuance of 22 new patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), with 3 others allowed. Upwing has simultaneously expanded its foreign intellectual property portfolio, with 9 patents issued abroad and 4 others allowed.

The new patents reflect proprietary engineering innovations for Upwing’s downhole systems, such as the Subsurface Compressor System™ (SCS), which maximizes the recoverability of natural gas from wells while reducing emissions from ongoing gas production and minimizing costs and environmental impacts related to new drilling and fracking.

Among Upwing’s new patents are multiple inventions for a downhole blower system, which boosts gas production within a wellbore; innovations for power generation and transference; and sealing, cooling and measuring tools.

“This wave of new patents acutely reflects the momentum and drive for innovative and disruptive solutions that defines our work at Upwing. Our engineers are now some of the most knowledgeable in the world with regards to enhancing natural gas recovery," said Herman Artinian, President and CEO of Upwing Energy.

"Every patent and innovation directly reflects our efforts towards bringing new solutions to market for the responsible sourcing of natural gas from existing wells, and enables greater profitability and sustainability for operators producing this critical energy source." 

Multiple new patents issued to Upwing relate to the significant increase in reliability and availability of the SCS, the digitalization of gas assets to maximize recoverability and the proprietary processes developed by Upwing to enhance natural gas recovery. 

Upwing Energy has exclusively licensed core technology patents from Calnetix Technologies and has filed its own system-level and application-related patents for downhole rotating devices. Upwing Energy holds 46 U.S. patents and 9 foreign patents to date and has 6 U.S. patents and 17 foreign patents currently pending.