Report Reveals Access to Previously Unobtainable Natural Gas Reserves Could Power American Factories for Over Half a Century

CERRITOS, Calif. – November 16, 2923 – Upwing Energy, a gas tech innovator and service company released its 'Discovering America's Hidden Potential' report today. The report reveals the immense impact of recovering huge stores of previously unobtainable natural gas that sit underneath the United States. It shows how new technologies can now produce enough natural gas from existing wells to power U.S. industry, commodities manufacturing, and homes for decades, while reducing emissions and possibly revitalizing declining communities. 

The findings reveal 123.87 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of natural gas can be potentially recovered from these wells, equaling 3.59 times one year of U.S. production on its own - that's America's hidden potential. 

Upwing conducted extensive proprietary research, referencing public natural gas and energy databases and resources including Energy Information Administration (EIA) data and the IHS Markit U.S. Well Log - as well as its own internal study on typical natural gas well usage - to visualize the impact of the remaining feasibly recoverable natural gas in both abandoned and non-economically viable wells across multiple scenarios. 

Powering The Nation 

The United States will need abundant, readily available energy to continue to power its citizens' lifestyles. Upwing estimates that if all the newly accessible natural gas was converted into electricity at once, it would power all U.S.: 

  • Housing units for 11.01 years 
  • Office buildings for 61.36 years 
  • Warehouse and storage facilities for 234.91 years 
  • Or factories for 59.46 years 

The U.S. electric power system is vital to the nation's energy security. By recovering these new reserves of gas, Upwing estimates it could sustain either the city of: 

  • Chicago for 317.74 years 
  • Los Angeles for 230.09 years 
  • New York City for 192.96 years 
  • Or Houston for 178.47 years 

Or, it could power the entire United States' electrical usage for 4.16 years. 

"Natural gas will continue to be an integral part of our energy mix for decades to come, yet as conventional wells continue to become non-economically viable or abandoned, producers are having to rely more on inefficient and carbon-intensive unconventional wells to support the demand for this essential resource," said Kristen Frey, Chief Marketing and People Officer of Upwing Energy. "With new technologies that innovate the way natural gas is produced , we can tap into vast resources previously thought to be inaccessible to power America's commercial buildings, homes, factories, cities, and the manufacturing of crucial products for decades into the future." 

Enabling the Production of Essentials 

Production of urea - the most common fertilizer - requires natural gas as both an ingredient and an energy input. By utilizing previously untapped reserves, the U.S. could produce 5,838,687,463 tons of urea, possibly helping reduce the input costs for farmers to feed the nation. The additional natural gas could also provide the electrical power to create: 

  • Over 2.48 billion tons of cotton
  • Over 14.92 billion tons of linen 
  • Over 19.34 billion tons of glass

Reducing Emissions and Revitalizing Communities 

Continually increasing U.S. demand for natural gas necessitates the drilling of thousands of new wells each year, with each unconventional well requiring over 8,000 tons of CO2e just to begin producing. With new technologies to produce more gas from existing wells and avoid drilling new ones, the nation could save an average of over 40 million tons of CO2e per year, the equivalent of taking over 8 million cars off the road for an entire year. 

"Revitalizing natural gas wells across the United States not only has the potential to more sustainably power the nation but also uplift gas town that have since declined because of production slowdowns," said Frey. "Our 'Discovering America's Hidden Potential' report highlights towns like Towanda, Pennsylvania, that could vastly benefit from prolonged natural gas production. By deploying new gas technologies, we can make sure their revitalization is possible while sustainably producing enough energy to secure America's future." 

You can find the full 'Discovering America's Hidden Potential' report here.