Retrievability via Slickline

Well intervention using a workover rig is costly. Depending on the fields and geographical areas, the cost of deploying a rig for any operation in some parts of the world and especially offshore can be astronomical. In addition, the loss of production while waiting for a rig and during the workover process, and the opportunity cost of moving a rig away from other operations, significantly adds to the real cost of intervention, and is sometimes overlooked.

Although making subsurface tools reliable and operational in a wide range of conditions should be the primary objectives of operators and tool makers, the second priority should be a fast and cost-effective workover if and when intervention is necessary due to tool failures or well production changes.

Wireline and slickline retrievability is becoming more and more desirable as the industry has developed tools and processes to conduct such retrievals of artificial lift equipment in a matter of hours for onshore, offshore and subsea wells.

Higher Reliability + Easier Retrievability

Upwing Energy has not only increased the reliability of the electrical system of electric submersible pumps (ESPs) via its Magnetic Drive System (MDS)™, but also has integrated easier retrievability in case intervention is required. The mechanical section of the pump driven by the MDS is located on a retrievable string and has zero electrical or mechanical connections to the permanent completion, allowing for fast and inexpensive slickline workovers that do not require specially trained service personnel. The mechanical string is substantially shorter than conventional ESPs, making live well intervention possible, and also allowing for less expensive tool replacement over time. Since all of the electrical components, wires, connectors, penetrators, etc., are a part of the permanent completion, they do not come into contact with the mechanical components that are being retrieved.

Change Hydraulic Sections as Well Conditions Change

Due to the ease of retrievability, hydraulic sections on the mechanical string can be changed out as operating conditions change, ensuring the most optimal and efficient performance at any given time in the well’s life cycle.

The Upwing MDS allows for a single completion for the life of the well regardless of the type of pump that will be utilized downhole.

Retrievability via Slickline